Privacy policy

The Bean Basement will never market or release personal information. We do not require any personal information to visit or register. There is NO REQUIREMENT for personal information to participate in these sections of the site, except for an email address, which can be kept private (see option in your profile). Entry of such information is at the poster's discretion. We recommend if you want to retain your privacy that you not enter such personal information. We have no control over who views this website, so just assume that "Big Brother" is watching!

Any personal information entered onto the website for public view (in forums, albums, journals, etc.) such as names and e-mail addresses will obviously not remain private.

If you are concerned about your privacy (and you should), we suggest you visit the PGP site ( , where you can download the latest encryption software to protect you and your correspondence from intrusion by even the most sophisticated systems! We also recommend using proxy servers or VPNs (virtual private networks) to shield your true location and Internet IP#, for even more privacy.